Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nsenene (grasshoppers) too delicious for ugandans!

Nsenene, a local name for grasshoppers here, is a central Ugandan delicacy as well as an important source of income.

Grasshoppers are a snack lured by lights, trapped in barrels, and then fried up in a little oil with salt. The recipe may vary. Their coming coincides with the end of each rainy season espicially in Noverber and mid december. traped in metal barrels fitted with a pieces of corrugated iron sheets, grasshoppers become dazzled by the scotching lights at night. At dawn, they are collected in plastic bags and sold at roadside , and in major markets like Nakasero, kamwokya, owino. So be sure to taste this mouth watering snack any time to join the end less list of royal fans

The point to note is that, if these insects weren’t eaten, their would be devastating effects on the environment as they fload in thousands each year.The huge local consumption acts as a control measure in a way to ward off the dangers

consuming grasshoppers or Nsenene which are rich in protein,is a good source of nutrition to the populance.

As a Source of income too: free if you can spare a good night sleep and sell them expensively your likely to afford say eduction for your children, build a house or buy a car with a good harvest season.

Am going to skip the little disadvantages here

Thursday, November 25, 2010

“boda boda's” great ride, risky means of transport

Be sure to have boda boda's motorcycle taxis ride. Welcome to Uganda and please enjoy the most commom means of transport – a ridiculously unsafe means that will get you around easily and fast.

points to note
.Their unsafe, because of lack of proper training

.The operators are sketchy at best. hike prices at will

.Most riders are high on drugs or Alcohol.

.Wear helmets or protective gear.

.Women wearing a skirt are more likely to be thrown off the bike

.There are stories of boda drivers to stealing from their passangers by leading them to unsafe zones especially at night

.Your bag is 100% times likely to be grabed as they ride past pals planted somewhere

. Always use riders in an organised parking stage.

. Dont dare smell their breath . lol

.check if they’ve been drinking or check their eyes to see if they’re high
or any other signs

.Women are more likely to be hit on by these riders. very Extremely sexual beings..dont blame them, Proximity leads to romance

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alliance Franchise Kampala and Goethe-Zentrum kampala film festival 2010

Alliance Franchise Kampala and Goethe-Zentrum Kampala presented the French -Germany Film Festival featuring world production films(12) screenings in four days showcasing short movies including the Q&A sessions with French, Germany and Ugandan film directors at Cineplex Cinema, Garden City Mall

From Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th November 2010 we where treated to amazing films where Entrance was free. All movies that where not being screened in English had English subtitles.

Films showcased

The Pianist (French-German coproduction)

Short Movie Night,
Short movies From France, Germany and Uganda,

La Reine Soleil
French Children Movie by Philippe Leclerc

Blöde Mütze!
Schoolboy Martin, bright but small for his age, has to move and change school because of his mother's new jobs, while only his father really tries to understand him. Even before reaches class he bumps into cocky, athletic rascal Oliver. Directed by Johannes Schmid.

Der Baader-Meinhof-Komplex
Film about the German Autumn, by Uli Edel.

Urban social-realism drama about communication, love, family and friendship. A Yes! That’s Us production. The screening will be in presence of Alex Ireeta, who directed the movie, and actress Cleopatra Koheirwe.

Kini and Adams
Two friends struggle to leave their old lives behind and start-up in a promissing environment. By and in presence of Idrissa Ouedraogo.

Le sœurs fachées
Two sister whos characters could be more contrary meet in Paris for three glary days. By Alexandra Leclere.

Ugandan movie that reveals the situation in post-war Northern Uganda from different angles. Directed by Caroline Kamya.

Renn, wenn du kannst
In presence of the director, Dietrich Brüggemann. A film about disability, drive to perfection, longing and phantasy.

My favourites:
The Pianist, kini & Adams, Imani

Monday, November 8, 2010

websites on Uganda


General Administartor General/Public Trustees

State House of the Republic of Uganda

The Department of the Registrar

The Law Council

Government Administration Chinese Embassy in Uganda

Court of Appeal

Directorate of Civil litigation

Directorate of Public Prosecutions

Districts and Urban Administrations

Electoral Commission

Embassy of Norway in Uganda

Immigration Department

Judicial Service Commission

Kampala City Council

Local Government Finance Commission (Uganda)

Ministry of Finance Planning & Economic Development (35)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (33)

Ministry of Local Government (8)

Ministry of Public Service (4)

National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy

Office of Inspector General of Government (6)

Office of the Auditor General

Support Services Department

Uganda Human Rights Commission

Legislature Parliament of the Republic of Uganda (30)

Judiciary Ministry of Justice, Constitutional Affairs & the Attorney General (12)

Uganda Courts of Judicature (5)

Security 489th Civil Affairs Detachment - Uganda

Legal Department

Lord's Resistance Army LRA

Ministry of Defence (113)

Traffic and Road Safety Department

Policy Directorate of Leadership Code

Directorate of Operations

Directorate of Regional Offices and Follow Up

EPRC Administrative & Support Staff

In-house Researchers

The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (14)

Weights & Measures Division

Social Services

Social Services - General Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Affairs (19)

Health African Palliative Care Association

Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus - Uganda

DAHW - St. Francis Leprosy & TB Centre Buluba

Directorate of Legal Affairs

Hospice Africa (Uganda)

Institute of Public Health - Makerere University

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

International Medical Group

Laboratory Division

MRC - UVRI Uganda Research Unit on HIV/AIDS
Med Biotech Laboratories

Medipharm Industries (E.A.) Ltd

Microcare Insurance Limited

Ministry of Health (25)

National Guidance & Empowerment Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Organization and administration

Sinoafrica Medicines and Health Limited

The Community Health Financial Association for Eastern Africa

The Infectious Diseases Institute

UAC HIV/AIDS Partnerships

Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau

Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organisations

Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau

Women’s Integrated Development Efforts

Education Buckley High School

Bugema University

Busoga University

College of Professional Development

Fountain Publishers

Gayaza High School

Gilgal Primary School

Government Departments

Greenville High School

Gulu University

Inter-University Council for East Africa

Islamic University In Uganda

Kampala International University

King’s college Budo

Makerere College School

Makerere University (8)

Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Ministry of Education & Sports (11)

Mountains of The Moon University

Ndejje Senior Secondary School

Ndejje University

Ntare School

Rainbow International School

Research and Education Network for Uganda


Seroma Christian High School

St Henry’s College Kitovu

The Centre of Excellence in Computing & ICT

The Department of Mathematics

The International School of Uganda

The Student Support Services Uganda www.studentsupportservices....

The Uganda Institute of Information & Communcations Technology

The Ugandan Schools Information Service

Uganda Christian University - Mukono (1)

Uganda Martyrs University (1)

Uganda National Examinations Board

Welfare Action For Children Uganda

Anaka Foundation

Bufumira Islands Development Association

Concern for the Girl Child


Engabu Za Tooro

Fukui Uganda Friendship Association

German Foundation for World Population - Country Office Uganda (1)

Isis-Women's International Cross Cultural Exchange

Italian Health Cooperation in Uganda

Masaka Churches on Line

Reform of the Urban Water Sector

Slum Aid Project

Tedwii Indigenous Women Development Organization

The African Child Foundation

The Epilepsy Support Association of Uganda

The Injury Control Center - Uganda

The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers

The Uganda National Action on Physical Disability

The Uganda Scout Association

The Uganda Young Men’s Christian Association

Uganda Society for Disabled Children

Uganda Youth Development Link

Young Ambassador's Children's Home

Housing & Land Adept Property Services Limited

Homes Uganda

Jerome Richards

Jomayi Property Consultants Ltd

National Housing & Construction Company

National Housing & Construction Company Limited

Property Profiles (U) Ltd

Property Services Ltd

Recreation Cineplex Uganda

Club Silk

Federation of Uganda Football Associations

Kampala Siti Cable Ltd

Kyadondo Rugby Club

Platinum Entertainment Ltd

The Corporate League

UNCC Board of Trustees 2005


Food Faze2 Restaurant, Bar & Function Venue

Politics & Society

africa blog

Politics African Women’s Economic Policy Network

Amalgamated Transport and General Workers' Union

Federation of Ugandan Employers

Forum for Democratic Change

Foundation for Human Rights Initiative

Human Rights Network (Uganda)

Kituo Cha Katiba

National Resistance Movement

National Youth Council

Private Sector Foundation Uganda

The Human Rights and Peace Centre

The National Organisation of Trade Unions (2)

UNV Support to the Promotion of Human Rights in Uganda

Uganda Media Women’s Association

Uganda National NGO Forum

Religion Covenant Word Ministries

District Grand Lodge of East Africa

Good News Ministries


Resources for Life

The Abayudaya Community in Uganda

Wellspring Centre Bweyogerere

Law A.F. Mpanga Advocates

Birungyi, Barata & Associates

Kasirye Byaruhanga Advocates

Kwesigabo, Bamwine & Walubiri Advocates

M.B Gimara Advocates

MMAKS Advocates & Solicitors

Magezi, Ibale & Co. Advocates

Mugimba & Company Advocates

Shonubi, Musoke & Company Advocates

Uganda Law Society

United Nations African Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders

Physical Infrastructure

Physical Infrastructure - General Ministry of Water & Environment

Water & Sanitation Department of Finnace & Administration

Department of Planning & Quality Assurance

Directorate of Water Development

National Water & Sewerage Corporation

Transport & Storage Aerodromes in Uganda

Civil Aviation Authority - Uganda

SA Logistics

The Road Agency Formation Unit

Vehicle Marketeer (U) Ltd

Yuasa Investments Limited

Communications AB Computer Solutions


CERT Computer Solutions Ltd


Datanet.Com LLC

Finders Worldwide Uganda

Huawei Technologies Uganda

ICT Consults

IT Africa


Information Communications Technology for Sustainable Rural Development Project.

Information Society Foundation

Kalangala Information Centre

Linux Solutions

MTN Uganda

New Wave Technologies Ltd

One2net Uganda

Pastel Business Solutions (U) Ltd

Posta Uganda

SchoolNet Uganda

Steward's Net Uganda, Inc., Ltd

Telchoice Ltd

The Uganda Internet Exchange Point

Uganda Broadcasting Corporation

Uganda Communications Commission

Uganda Online

Uganda Telecom - MANGO

Uganda Web


Energy Supply Bujagali Power Station

Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA)

Ministry of Energy & Minerals (20)

Power Products (Uganda) Limited

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company

Umeme Ltd

Development Planning Economic and Finance Management Project (EFMP II)

NPA Decentralized Development Planning Dept

Uganda Investment Authority

Uganda Participatory Poverty Assessment Project

Environment Greenwatch Uganda

Meteorological Department
Small Grants Programme

Uganda Sawlog Production Grant Scheme

Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals

Economic Infrastructure

Economic Infrastructure - General East African Development Bank

Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation

Banking Allied Bank International (U) Ltd.

Bank of Uganda

Centenary Bank

Commercial Banks in Uganda

Development Banks in Uganda

Nile Bank

Post Banks in Uganda

Stanbic Bank in Uganda

Financial Services Capacity Building Unit

Commercial Microfinance Limited

DFID Financial Sector Deepening Project - Uganda

Department of Finance & Administration - IGG

Directorate of Co-ordination, Standards, Research & Methods

Directorate of District Statistics

Directorate of Finance & Administration

Directorate of Information Services

Directorate of Popoulation & Social Statistics

Directorate of Production statistics

East African General Insurance Company Limited

Financial Institutions Uganda (7)

Office of Executive Director (1)

PriceWaterhouseCoopers - Uganda

Quantum Finance (U)

The Association of Micro Finance Institutions of Uganda

The Capital Markets Authority (14)

Uganda Securities Exchange (2)

United Assurance Company Ltd

Business Services Appliance World Limited

Boz of Sweden

Business Services Market Development Project Uganda


COWI Uganda Ltd.

Common Services Department

Fire Masters Ltd

Fotogenix LTD

Hotel Triangle Ltd

IMPACT Associates Development Consultants

Kompyuta Africa

Metrocomia east Africa - Uganda

Nina Interiors

Nkoola Institutional Development Associates Ltd

Parambot Traders Ltd

R4 International Ltd

Riley Industries Ltd


Shangri-la Hotel Uganda

Standard Signs Uganda Limited

Tal Cottages

The Lake Victoria Hotel

The Limo Service

Travel Guide

UT Mobile

Uganda Insurance Commission

Wedding Bells

Development Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment

Africa 2000 Network-Uganda

East & Central African Programme for Agricultural Analysis

Enterprise Uganda

Kabarole Research & Resource Center

Management Forum - Uganda

National Planning Authority -NPA

Uganda Business Information Network

Uganda Debt Network

Uganda Development Trust

Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited

Technology COmputerland (U) Ltd.

Computer Frontiers International


Private Sector ICT Association of Uganda

Regional Collaboration in Engineering & Technology

SchoolWrite Uganda

SimpleSoft Systems

The Uganda National Council of Science & Technology


General The Privatisation and Utility Sector Reform Project

Agriculture Agricultural Research Information Services

Busoga Rural Open Source and Development Initiative

Collecting & Exchanging of Local Agriculture Content

Dairy Development Authority

Eastern Africa Plant Genetic Resources Network

Ibero (Uganda) Limited

Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries

National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda

Regional Agricultural Information Network

Star Café Ltd

Uganda Commodity Exchange Limited

Forestry Uganda Forestry Resources and Institutions Center

Fishing The Uganda Fish Processors and Exporters Association

Mining Geological Survey Division

Geoscience Data Division

Heritage Oil & Gas - Uganda - Ltd (2)

Kisita Mining Corporation Ltd (1)

Mineral Sector (1)

Mines Division (3)
Muhindo Enterprises Ltd (1)

Petroleum Exploration and Production Department

Petroleum Supplies Department

Petroleum Supplies Department

Industry Nice House of Plastics

Sembule Steel Mills Ltd

Tororo Cement Industries Ltd

Construction The Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers

Trade Ministry of Tourism, Trade & Industry

THERMOCOOL Uganda Limited

The Print House

Tourism Acacia Safaris & Tour

Avian Watch Uganda

Backpackers Hostel & Campsite

Department of Tourism (3)

Elephant Holiday Safaris Ltd

Green Breaks

Hog Safaris Ltd

Imperial Group of Hotels

Ivys Hotel Ltd

Lake Kitandara Tours and Travel Limited

Masindi Hotel

Nature Link Safaris

Neul Tours (Entebbe)

New Jack Tours & Travel

Safari Eye - Tours & Safaris

Silver-Back Safaris

Simba Travelcare Limited

The Association of Uganda Tour Operators

The Uganda Community Tourism Association

Trust Tours & Travel

Uganda Tourism Association

Wild Frontiers Uganda

Information Sources - General Infomania

The Eye Magazine

Uganda Media Centre

Uganda Travel Planner

News Daily Monitor

Sunday Monitor

The New Vision

Uganda Radio Network

Internet Resources Browse on Uganda



The Uganda Development Gateway

Uganda Communities Online

Academic Research Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment

African Centre for Trade and Development

African Research and Documentation Centre

Center for Social-Economic Research and Training

Centre for Basic Research

Development Research and Training

Economic Policy Research Centre

Institute of Public Health - Makerere University

Makerere Institute of Social Research

The Network of Ugandan Researchers & Research Users

The Uganda National Academy of Science

Uganda Debt Network

References UgandaInfo


General Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Uganda

SOS Children's Village Uganda www.sos-childrensvillages.o...

Multilaterals & Foundations FAO Representation in Uganda

IMF Resident Representative Office in Uganda

IOM Uganda Mission

OHCHR Office in Uganda


UNDP Uganda (1)

UNFPA Uganda


Uganda Cleaner Production Centre

WFP Regional Office - East & Central Africa

WHO Uganda

Aid ADRA - Uganda

Medair Uganda (2)

Oxfam GB - Uganda Country Programme

Oxfam Ireland - Uganda Country Office

Oxfam Novib - Uganda Country Projects

Plan International - Uganda

Save the Children Denmark - Uganda

Save the Children Norway - Uganda

Save the Children UK - Uganda www.savethechildren

Save the Children US - Uganda

The Hunger Project - Uganda

WaterAid Uganda

World Vision International-Uganda

Information Sources


Governance African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption - Uganda

Anti Corruption Campaign - UDN

Budget Advocacy Initiative - UDN

CORE - Anti – Corruption Campaign

Directorate of Education and Prevention of Corruption

FES Democratisation Training Project Uganda

FOWODE - Gender Budget Project

Sensitisation on the Domestication of the AU Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption

Support Programme for Ugandan Led Anti-Corruption Initiatives

The Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda

Uganda Civil Society Umbrella Programme

Uganda Management Institute

Access to Information DistrictNet

East Africa Centre for Open Source Software

FES Media Initiative Project Uganda

GSM Refugee Connectivity 2007

Network of Technical Support - ANTS Uganda

Uganda Mobile Platform Technology Initiative

Women of Uganda Network

Human Capital Capacity Akina Mama wa Afrika


Sunday, November 7, 2010

INSTANT GUIDE 2 UGANDA: Trade and Investment

INSTANT GUIDE 2 UGANDA: Trade and Investment: "Trade and Investment TRADE Uganda exports a wide range of products classified under Traditional and Non-Traditional Exports. The major ex..."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MTN Kampala International Marathon back


The MTN Marathon takes center stage soon and so registration is closed by now.

Since 2004 inaugural marathon, the event is 6 years and going stronger, attracting lots of substantial Kenyans,Tazanians and Rwandans too hungry for that winner's cash prize.

The open races for both men and women have attracted star runners like Moses Kipsiro and Dorcus Inzikuru who are world greats

Friday, November 5, 2010

Moses Kipsiro: The New Ugandan Athletics Hero

Sex Weight Height Date of Birth Place of birth
M 59.00 1.74 02/09/1986 Singare

Personal Best -
Performance Wind Place Date
1500 Metres 3:37.6 Watford 14/06/2008
3000 Metres 7:30.95 Monaco 28/07/2009
5000 Metres 12:50.72 Bruxelles 14/09/2007
10,000 Metres 27:33.37 Nairobi 28/07/2010
10 Kilometres 27:54 Bangalore 18/05/2008

Recent Win
Uganda's Moses Kipsiro beat Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge to silver and comptriot Mark Kiptoo to bronze pose on the podium of the Men's 5000m Final of the Track and Field competition of the XIX Commonwealth games on October, 6 2010 in New Delhi.

The Ugandan also won the men's 10,000m title at the Commonwealth Games beat another set of Kenyans who where the favourites.